The first “Whodunnit” novel by former civil servant Special Task Force police officer. Realistic and gripping.


Summertime in Süssen, a small village hugging the edge of the Swabian Alb. However, a tragic event clouds the idyll. A little girl has disappeared. Moritz Kepplinger investigates.

Jochen Frech – Midsummer Murder

“You only see what you know”. From the word go, this fondly quoted aphorism by his criminology lecturer, accompanied the newly appointed detective superintendent at his every step.

On the very next day after his graduation from the police academy, he is handed a missing persons report. A ten year old girl has gone missing. There are no witnesses or clues and the usual investigation measures lead to a dead end. Attractive police officer Lea Thomann assists the investigation team after it becomes apparent that she has often had experience dealing with the parents of the missing person.

Due to existing circumstances, Kepplinger is convinced that this is more than just a case of someone disappearing. Moritz knows full well, that with every passing minute, the chances of finding the girl, diminish.

The case unfolds into a relentless nerve racking quest, confronting him with his own past – the disastrous outcome of his last assignment with the special task force, which leaves him deeply scarred. Events snowball. A pedophile appears on the radar.

While a storm rages over the area, a race against life and death begins.


Jochen Frech – Midsummer Murder | Paperback: 320 Pages |9,99 € |Publisher btb (Random House)
ISBN: 978-3-442-74464-0

This title will be released on December 9, 2013. Order now on Amazon